Our Story

We use only the best ingredients that keep customers coming back.

During the mid 1950’s, America was on the go and the hot rod was King. Quick service and affordable prices were quickly becoming the most popular business model for restaurants all over the nation. Families and individuals frequently sought out a hamburger, shake, and fries for a tasty meal - quickly establishing a new American tradition.

The Drive-In Tasty Freeze on N. Weber St. in Colorado Springs met those consumer wants and needs plus some; it quickly became the neighborhood hangout to meet and socialize with friends while enjoying great food. The lively atmosphere encouraged many to stay for hours and jam along to the Rock ‘n’ Roll rhythms of The Big Bopper and Bill Haley and the Comets. 

 65 years later, these traditions still live on at the local Tasty Freeze, where friends and neighbors continue to gather and relax on the patio and enjoy our authentic drive-in experience. Although the music is a little different now, our menu has largely remained true to old fashion tradition with freshly made burgers, fries, and soft-serve ice cream creations. 


Stop by on any afternoon or evening and what will you see? The original authentic building spruced up with flowers and patio lights throughout, creating a relaxing and nostalgic ambiance. The entire property shines clean and bright with plenty of outdoor seating along Shooks Run Trail.

 Joyful, preoccupied neighborhood children still spill melting ice cream on the ground during play. Local older folks relax under the shade of our giant elm tree and reminisce about the happiness brought by hearing the final bell at Palmer High School, signaling the start of the race to be first in line for the best ice cream in town. 

So much has changed over the decade, including massive population growth to the once small town of Colorado Springs.  Even as many restaurants come and go, the Drive-In Tasty Freeze remains, thanks to the vision and determination of new owners Kevin Bergsten and Anissa Hornsey.

 The Drive-in Tasty Freeze is dedicated to carrying on the traditions and memories our community has become accustomed to, while only making improvements to food quality and sustainability.

 “After over 50 years of service, next to up-grades,  there’s  not much we would  change about this historic place?” 

 Kevin Bergsten, Owner.

 With our classic walk-up design, even after 50 years, this business model is still relevant … if not more.

 Anissa Hornsey, Owner.


As a long-established icon of the old north end, we believe in reviving the joy brought by the simple things. We keep our menu straightforward and concise, only focusing on what we do best: classic American dishes including burgers, dogs, fries, and fun ice cream creations.